Gruppi Elettrogeni


The excellent qualities of both structural and sound-proofing, make high performant reliable and stable generating sets. The steel panels are insulated by mineral wool (class “A1” of fire reaction) completely fire proofed, unalterable over the time. A glass fibre film avoids the enervation of the mineral wool. As further protection of insulation and of parts in close contact with the operator, it’s added a micro drilled and micro ironed steel plate.

Some features that characterize “ IVM “ sound-proofed generating sets are:

• Wide ventilation slots with low load losses and optimization of combustion and cooling system
• Wide access openings for facilitating all maintenance operations
• Modular canopies for facilitating disassembling and assembling during maintenance operations
• Generating set Base elevated at 100 mm from the ground base for an easy handling both with forklift and pallet truck
• Lifting eyes on the roof to facilitate handling with crane
• Each generating set is completely closed at the base by a bottom plate, with the following benefits: reducing of the noise level, easy installation, lack of aspiration of foreign objects – liquid – powder, etc., major life of air filters and less obstruction of the radiator for a longer life of the Generating Set
• All IVM Generating sets are standard equipped with automatic control panel installed on the machine for a more flexible utilization

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