Gruppi Elettrogeni


IVM, in order to offer a more complete service to its customers, provides generator sets for rent, capable of meeting all kinds of requests, with power ranging from 30 to 1000kVA for operation even in parallel, H24 and 7/7 days.

Suitable for different occasions, the generator set is a good solution in case of:

Power shortage from the public grid;
Demonstrations and events;
Need to have more electricity for a certain period of time;
Testing of machinery with 50/60Hz frequency and voltages from 110 to 480V.

To complement the rental service, we offer tanks of various capacities, to ensure greater autonomy; voltage elevators, to allow working at different voltages; and ATS switchboards.

For any information or business inquiries, you can contact us at, by phone at +39 049 9455700 or directly in our contact section.

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