Gruppi Elettrogeni


30 years of IVM

The year 2016 marks our company’s 30th anniversary.

To seal this anniversary, a thought comes naturally to those who have participated in the life of this company.
These have been 30 intense years of development, cultural change, and alternating economic situations to which have been interwoven stories of men who have made possible – even with a spirit of sacrifice – the achievement of this important milestone.

To all of them we dedicate our sincere thanks.
We consider this Anniversary as a stage in the journey we have undertaken.

We have the tenacity, passion and spirit of always.

We believe that the success we have achieved has been achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.

Special thanks to all of you colleagues and collaborators who have placed your trust in our company over the years, with the certainty that together we will achieve ever more ambitious goals.

Silvano and Michelangelo Parlato

Silvano e Michelangelo Parlato