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Micro cogeneration

Micro cogenerationWith the global cost of living rising, families, companies and small businesses are striving to survive. Due to the shortage of energy supply around the world, gas and electricity are one of the main factors which shape how we navigate life through the cost of living crisis.  

Climate change has encouraged colder winters, forcing people to increase their heating for longer. Ultimately, increasing both gas and electricity bills.

Lower Emissions and Cost Efficiency

Larger companies such as hospitals, offices, and schools have faced serious subjection to the price hikes as they are forced to provide both gas and power. Here is where Micro cogeneration can offer the most efficient and effective solution for both your energy consumption and your costs. It is no surprise that an in-demand piece of technology will cost more than something more traditional, but The Micro CHP boiler will need to be running to generate any electricity. Although it is noted that it cannot cover all the electrical demands of the household, it can reduce the amount of electricity required- ultimately reducing the costs. 

Cogeneration Explained

Micro cogeneration combines both heat and power from one source, and they are both generated simultaneously. Although they are usually powered by gas, it is considered more efficient, as it offers low-carbon technology. The Micro CHP can easily replace a traditional boiler and can provide a better service of generating electricity while heating water, something a standard boiler is unable to do. It is proven more efficient as it cuts the carbon footprint and uses wasted heat from electricity. It guarantees a better output than what would be possible from individual sources.

Benefits of Micro CHP

The production of simultaneous power and heat enables the Carbon footprint to be reduced. Installation is easy, as there is not much difference in sizes between a Micro CHP and a standard boiler, and ultimately this has an effect on the servicing and maintenance costs.

Our Promise to you

Here at IVM, our main goals are to provide a service that is second to none, and products that offer reliability and quality. We specialize in the construction of generators and offer a range of choices as well as customized options. We encourage you to contact us at +390 499 455 700  for a quote or visit us at VIA DELL’ INDUSTRI 5 35010- GAZZO (Padua). 


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