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Automatic generating sets

Automatic generating setsThe production of generating sets includes a wide range of choices comprising internal combustion and diesel engines that can be silenced or on open frames. In the daily consultation of internal combustion and diesel engines at IVM S.R. L., many customers call for fully automated generating sets. 

Due to the demand by buyers, we have explained in this article what automated generating sets are. Generating sets are said to be called automatic either when there’s an automatic start and automatic switching of the power supply or when there’s an automatic shutdown after the mains power is restored. 

Generating sets with automatic panels are created to start the generating set when the mains drop below 75% of the rated value or when there’s a failure. The start can be repeated three times should the engine not start on the first attempt. 

When automatic generating sets attain the nominal voltage, they instantly render the power use and revert the system, stopping the generating sets. An electronic card is in charge of the operative circuits, which are maintenance-free. When the card is faulty or damaged, replacement takes a few minutes. It is easy to service or control the operations if there’s a breakdown. 

The panel comprises an automatic circuit breaker, checks, 4 poles change-over switch, an automatic battery charger, an alarm, engine protection, an automatic weekly test, and instruments. 

Do you love automatic generating sets already? IVM S.R. L is here for you! We can provide you with a variety of generating sets that are efficient and made of quality. Our products span from open generating sets and soundproof generating sets to special generating sets. We also offer design services, technical assistance, and generating rental sets.

Open generating sets range from 9 to 630 kVA. We also have the groupes electrogenes sur base fixe 400 kVA. Soundproof generating sets range from 33 to 1127 kVA. They are made up of sheet metal panels, insulated with a complete fireproof mineral wool (fire reaction class “A1”) which are unalterable over time. 

Special generating sets range from 3 to 1030 kVA, with petrol generating sets having the lowest electrical power (from 3 to 15 kVA). This type is designed and built for any climatic needs and the most diverse needs.  

Our generating sets rental services offer soundproof generators from 30 to 1000 kVA, which is suitable for any user. They can be rented for short periods (e.g. an outdoor party) and long periods. 

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